CMMI Implementation and Appraisal


A common – sense application of process management and quality improvement concepts to software development and maintenance.

In CMMI, best practices are categorized into process areas: Project Management, Support, Engineering and Process Management
CMMI model was developed by the CMMI Institute (formerly the SEI Software Engineering Institute-USA).

CMMI can help:

  • set process improvement goals and priorities
  • provide guidance for quality processes, ensure completeness, capacity and stability of processes
  • provide a yardstick for appraising current practices

“The quality of a product is largely determined by the quality of the process that is used to develop and maintain it.”

Watts Humphrey (SEI Founder)

         Software Quality = Processes Quality



Organization with CMMI
  • Define the roles and responsibilities in project
  • Complete works according to the established plan
  • No repetitive errors
  • Reduce costs related to poor quality
  • Increase productivity
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Good management of product requirements
Organization without CMMI
  •  Processes are not defined clearly
  •  Do not have formal approach to projects delivering
  •  Often spending over budget and slip schedule
  •  Often trade-offs between time and quality
  •  There is no objective for quality measurement
  •  No control over changes in requirements
  •  Cost of re-work

2006     : 5 companies got  CMMI certification in Vietnam
2010     : 20 companies got  CMMI certification in Vietnam
2013 : 26 companies got  CMMI certification in Vietnam

2015: More than 30 companies got CMMI certification in Vietnam



ECCI has been selected by Minister of Information and Communications of Vietnam to provide consulting services for 30 software companies to help them achieve CMMI ML 3 to 5 such as Aureole, Global Cybersoft, Unitech, Softech, Misa, Hanel.….

Click here for a full list of CMMI customers of ECCI