ITSM Implementation


IT Service Management is a top-down, business driven approach to the management of IT that specifically addresses the strategic business value generated by the IT organization and the need to deliver a high quality IT service.

IT Service Management is designed to focus on the people, processes and technology issues that IT organizations face.

WHAT IS ISO 20000?

  • ISO 20000 is the standard for the management of information technology services, including requirements for organizations and businesses to provide IT services to manage the quality of service and recognition from clients
  •  ISO 20000 for managed services, including internal and external
  • This standard includes a set of controls  based on which the organization can now be assessed the effectiveness of the IT service management process, designed to focus on issues around people, processes and technology that businesses and organization in IT industry encounter
  •  Compatible with ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library)


  •    Continuous improvement in the quality of IT service provision
  •    Reduced long term costs in the development  and delivery of IT  services
  •    Reduced risk of not being able to meet business objectives
  •    Better communication between Internal and External Stakeholders
  •    Greater productivity and best use of skills
  •    IT Services staff are provided with best practice guidance
  •    Compliance to procedures that are auditable
  •    Ability to absorb a high rate of change