Training service which is based on customers’ requirement (in – house training) is of the designs based on actual situations of the corporations and needs of clients about the courses on every topic. We approach our customers by applying the  following process:


Step 1: Training need analysis

Two to three weeks prior to the training course, our trainers will have an important meeting with the participants to work the following essential information out:

-          Training goals

-          Need – to – be – solved current problems

-         Learners’ understanding about the training content

-          Number of learner

-         Qualification and job specification of  each learner

-         Expected knowledge obtained by learners after the course

-          Expected duration of the course

Step 2: Training course content building

In this step, the trainers will build the course content suitable for each learner – based on the Training need analysis (TNA).

We simultaneously design the Quick Reference Card – QRC and the Quick Reference Poster – QRP.

Step 3: Training execution 

-         The course will be executed by the experienced trainers (Contact us to view the trainer profile)

-          Explanations, group activities, discussion, questions and answers will be all brought to the course.

-          We focus on implementing a highly interactive course to ensure that the obtained knowledge is useful for usual work.

Step 4: Training course assessment 

ECCI will send our customers the Training report after finishing the course – based on learners’ feedback. Clients can learn about our training quality through the real participants’ assessment.


-  We collect the knowledge to help for learners’ work in a very unique way

- Over 400 training programs in 5 fields and topics

- Over 50 trainers in Vietnam and internationals assisting the target corporations with different goals – including our partners’ ones specializing in training.

- Standardized but flexible approaching methods focusing on S – T – A – M – P bring our learners interesting experience.

- Experience of training over 1000 customers specializing in a variety of business fields (Manufacturing, Service, Information technology, etc.)

-  Over – 8 – year presence in Vietnam and an international understanding and knowledge about the market.

- Perfect combination of knowledge, skills of IT, training, and management experience and capacity for enhancing the effectiveness of training management of customers.