Businesses consistently face the challenge of developing people with superior skills, knowledge and experience. 70% of the managers feel that their training management must be more efficient & business-oriented. So the real question for training departments today is how to move beyond the regular transactional operation.

We partner with companies to help transform their training function to meet business goals, reduce costs and improve quality. While we can be engaged on project-basis, we prefer to work with customers on a long-term partnership to provide tailored managed services complementing the existing in-house resources.

People. Process. Technology. A right combination of the three factors makes any creation to become successful. Creating and maintaining this combination in an organization requires skills, experience, support and, especially, not only the experience of the core departments in any organization.





In essence, Managed Services is a portfolio of training management services that help companies better manage training functions ranging from planning and delivery to evaluation, reporting and administration- all non-core activities yet critical to company success

Our Managed Services is demonstrated by the model below:


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•     Focus on crucial business activities.
•     Cut costs and streamline investments in training
•     Manage training as same as business and create long – term values for business.
•     Align training initiatives with business strategy
•     Ease of managing investment on training through a single channel


Key Challenges

How we can help

  • Insufficient/lack of quantified business impact
  • Lack of trust in internal capability
  • Unable to see end to end picture or long term plan for training in line with the business
  • Provide complete visibility
  • Setup base to measure & manage training returns
  • Long term approach without compromising current needs
HR/Training Manager
  • Torn between tactical and administrative activities
  • Lack of continued advice on best practices
  • Challenge in maintaining & effectively utilizing training data
  • Ability to manage multiple supplier efficiently
  • Act as a one-stop shop with consistent delivery & results
  • Dramatically reduce administrative time through better management
  • Improve effectiveness through relevant best practices & delivering what the business needs
Line Managers
  • Lack of time to better assess training effectiveness on the team
  • Unable to take right decisions at the right time to drive business
  • Lack of motivation among team to attend & only viewing it as a compliance need
  • Get the best out of the team through job-focused learning
  • Learning Retention through effective job aids & internal echo trainings
  • Reduce attrition issues & drive performance with a motivated team
  • Trainings not relevant to existing job needs
  • Trainings from various people who are not familiar with the business
  • Achieve better performance at the job
  • Get holistic knowledge about the business and avenues for information exchange


  • Clear approach, plan and road map
  • Unmatched Learning & Job Aids
  • 200+ training programs across 5 domains/topic areas
  • 25+ trainers – both Local & International to appropriately address different target audience and 15+ training partners
  • Standardized yet flexible approach focused on S-T-A-M-P to deliver a rich learning experience
  • Experience of training 150,000+ professionals, 1000+ customers & 100+ repeat training customers from all industries (manufacturing, services, IT & ITES industries)
  • 10+ years of local presence, market knowledge & global expertise
  • Right blend of technology, training experience & administration capability to improve your training management effectiveness